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Rehab Measures: Spinal Cord Injury Pressure Ulcer Scale

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Spinal Cord Injury Pressure Ulcer Scale 

Title of Assessment

Spinal Cord Injury Pressure Ulcer Scale 



Instrument Reviewer(s)

Summary Date



Assesses risk for pressure ulcers among SCI patients engaged in rehabilitation.


SCI patients are are assessed on 7 dimensions.  Most items are dichotomously (scored 0 if absent or 1 to 2 when present). Four items are rated on a 3-point scale based on criteria described on the SCIPUS scoring sheet.
  1. Level of activity
  2. Levels of mobility
  3. Severity of SCI
    1. Complete SCI
    2. Autonomic dysreflexia or severe spacticity
  4. Urine incontinence or constantly moist
  5. Pre-existing conditions
    1. Age
    2. Tobacco use/smoking
    3. Pulmonary disease
    4. Cardiac disease or blood glucose
    5. Renal disease
    6. Impaired cognitive function
  6. Residence in a nursing home or hospital
  7. Nutrition
    1. Albumin < 3.4 or total protein  < 6.4
    2. Anemia (hematocrit < 36.0%)

Area of Assessment

General Health 

Body Part

Not Applicable 

ICF Domain

Body Function 


General Health 

Assessment Type


Length of Test

06 to 30 Minutes 

Time to Administer

5 to 10 minutes

Number of Items


Equipment Required


Training Required

Typically administered by a trained clinician

Type of training required

No Training 



Actual Cost


Age Range

Child: 6-12 years; Adolescent: 13-17 years; Adult: 18-64 years; Elderly adult: 65+ 

Administration Mode



Spinal Cord Injury 

Populations Tested

Spinal Cord Injury

Standard Error of Measurement (SEM)

Not Established

Minimal Detectable Change (MDC)

Not Established

Minimally Clinically Important Difference (MCID)

Not Established

Cut-Off Scores

SCI Measures Literature Review: (Mortenson, & Miller, 2007)
  • Cutoff > 6 indicates patient is at risk

Normative Data

Not Established

Test-retest Reliability

Not Established

Interrater/Intrarater Reliability

Not Established

Internal Consistency

Not Established

Criterion Validity (Predictive/Concurrent)

Not Established

Construct Validity (Convergent/Discriminant)

SCI Measures Literature Review: (Mortenson, & Miller, 2007)
  • Adequate: stage of 1st ulcer during initial hospitalization (r = 0.343)
  • Adequate: number of ulcers during initial hospitalization (r = 0.339)

Content Validity

Not Established

Face Validity

Not Established

Floor/Ceiling Effects

Not Established


Not Established

Professional Association Recommendations


  • The SCIPUS requires a blood tests which may be burdensome for the patient (if not otherwise collected)
  • The SCIPUS was developed exclusively for use with SCI patients
  • Response options for some items are vague
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Mortenson, W. and Miller, W. (2007). "A review of scales for assessing the risk of developing a pressure ulcer in individuals with SCI." Spinal Cord 46(3): 168-175. Find it on PubMed

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