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Rehab Measures: Children's Kitchen Task Assessment

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Title of Assessment

Children's Kitchen Task Assessment 



Instrument Reviewer(s)

Initially reviewed by Jill Smiley, MPH and the Rehabilitation Measures Database Team in August 2014.

Summary Date



To assess executive function in children 8-12 through the child’s performance of making play dough.


Create this kit before performing the assessment.

It is important for the tools to match the photographs. If unable to match, then take a photograph and replace the one in the kit.

Practicing with another professional is encouraged, as the way a cue is delivered can influence the child’s performance.

Area of Assessment

Executive Function 

Body Part


ICF Domain




Assessment Type

Performance Measure 

Length of Test

06 to 30 Minutes 

Time to Administer

About 20 minutes

Number of Items


Equipment Required

Access equipment list here.

Training Required


Type of training required




Actual Cost

The CKTA is a public domain instrument that you may use without a fee

Age Range

Child: 6-12 years 

Administration Mode




Populations Tested

Children 8-12 years old

Standard Error of Measurement (SEM)

Not Established

Minimal Detectable Change (MDC)

Not Established

Minimally Clinically Important Difference (MCID)

Not Established

Cut-Off Scores

Not Established

Normative Data

Typically Developing Children:
(Rocke et al, 2008; n = 49 typically developing African American children aged 8-12 years; mean age = 10.4 (1.12) years; sex = 69% female; 49% single parent homes) 
  • Mean total score for all participants = 11.84 (8.80)
  • Mean number of cues for test as a whole = 9.02 (5.89)

Children with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD):

(Berg et al, 2012; n = 44 African American Children aged 8-12 years, 22 with SCD and 22 Controls; sex = 26 females and 18 males; mean age of controls = 10(1.52) years; mean age of children with SCD = 10.23 (1.42) years)

Results of CKTA



p, (d)

12.64 (10.28)
18.86 (18.80)
17.70 (4.90)
17.40 (3.80)
Total # Cues
9.41 (6.60)
12.50 (10.70)
1.45 (0.67)
2.05 (0.84)
0.01 (0.79)
.27 (0.63)
1.50 (2.77)
0.05 (0.61)
9.14 (6.50)
11.40 (9.57)
0.09 (0.42)
0.14 (0.35)
0.00 (0.00)
0.23 (0.52)
0.05 (0.63)

Test-retest Reliability

Not Established

Interrater/Intrarater Reliability

Typically Developing Children:

(Rocke et al, 2008)

  • Excellent interrater reliability (ICC = 0.98)

Internal Consistency

Typically Developing Children:

(Rocke et al, 2008)

  • Poor internal consistency (Cronbach's alpha = 0.68)

Criterion Validity (Predictive/Concurrent)

Typically Developing Children:

(Rocke et al, 2008)

  • Adequate correlation between total CKTA and WISC-IV Digit Span (r = -0.31)
  • Adequate correlation between total CKTA and BRIEF (r = 0.34)
  • Adequate correlation between the organization subscale of CKTA and and the plan and organized subscale of BRIEF (r = 0.38)
  • Adequate correlation between the judgement and safety subscale of CKTA and and the monitor subscale of BRIEF (r = -0.35)
  • Adequate correlation between the planning and sequencing subscale of CKTA and and the D-KEFS Confirmed Correct Card Sorts(r = -0.33)
  • Adequate correlation between the planning and sequencing subscale of CKTA and and the Total Description Score (r = -0.30)

Construct Validity (Convergent/Discriminant)

Typically Developing Children:

(Rocke et al, 2008)

  • There is evidence of discriminant validity because two blind raters are able to make the same assessment

Content Validity

Not Established

Face Validity

Children with Sickle Cell Disease:

(Berg et al, 2012)

  • Even when controlled by age and for SES distribution, the CKTA results are apparent. It observes the child in action and is not dependent on verbal instruction or recall.

Floor/Ceiling Effects

Not Established


Not Established

Professional Association Recommendations



Berg, C., Edwards, D. F., et al. (2012). "Executive function performance on the children's kitchen task assessment with children with sickle cell disease and matched controls." Child Neuropsychol 18(5): 432-448. Find it on PubMed

Rocke, K., Hays, P., et al. (2008). "Development of a performance assessment of executive function: the Children's Kitchen Task Assessment." Am J Occup Ther 62(5): 528-537. Find it on PubMed

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